Professor Mark Harrison


I would like to hear from potential DPhil students in any area of my research interests

I currently teach:


  • Methods and Themes in the History of Medicine
  • Disease, Medicine and Colonialism in South Asia
  • Medicine and Modern Warfare




Medicine, Empire and Improvement, 1720-1820


  • Governing the Global Antimicrobial Commons: Introduction to Special Issue.

  • Making Use of Existing International Legal Mechanisms to Manage the Global Antimicrobial Commons: Identifying Legal Hooks and Institutional Mandates.

  • Exploring Models for an International Legal Agreement on the Global Antimicrobial Commons: Lessons from Climate Agreements.

  • Nudging Immunity: The Case for Vaccinating Children in School and Day Care by Default.

  • A roadmap for sustainably governing the global antimicrobial commons.

  • More