POSTPONED - WORKSHOP: The Art of Dissent in the Iberian World 1500-1700


The Art of Dissent in the Iberian World 1500-1700

Convenors: Giuseppe Marcocci (University of Oxford) and Jorge Flores (University of Lisbon/TORCH International Fellow)

When: Friday 29 and Saturday 30 May 2020

Where: Cohen Quad, Exeter College

Description: The purpose of the workshop is to explore the modalities and means of political and social struggle and dissent where early modern Iberian cities and communities, particularly overseas, are concerned. Precolonial cities in Asia and America were composite sites of permanent tension and negotiation involving myriad individuals, groups, and institutions. More than simply chronicling clashes and conflicts, we are particularly interested in discussing the written and visual expressions of episodes of political tension (including architecture and theatre)—which often included popular violence and iconoclasm—across the Iberian world. Questions revolving around the interplay of power, word, and image have been addressed by historians of early modern Europe, especially England and Italy. This workshop seeks to expand the geographical scope and complicate the thematic breadth of such scholarship by comparing, contrasting, and connecting Iberian imperial landscapes in Asia and America between 1500 and 1700.

Speakers include world-leading scholars in the field of Iberian history and history of art. Papers will address one or more of the following questions: a) Is it possible to promote a holistic study of diverse instances of dissent occurring in disparate places such as Mexico City, Goa (and Naples, for that matter)? b) Are the Asian and American multiple expressions of dissent simple imperial extensions of an Iberian/European phenomenon? c) What is the role of native actors in such conflicts and their respective formats? d) Which are the modalities, practices, and vocabularies of dissent at stake? e) How do written, oral, and graphic languages of dissent relate to each other?

This international workshop is generously supported by TORCH, the Faculty of History, and Exeter College.

Postponed until next academic year, dates tbd. Contact the organizer for updates: