LECTURE: Professor Colin Mayer (Oxford), 'The Future of the Corporation'

History and the Future of the Corporation: The Changing Face of Capitalism

Professor Colin Mayer

Lecture to mark the official launch of the Oxford Global History of Capitalism project       

5.00 pm on Wednesday, 14th March

Brasenose College, Lecture Room 11


Please RSVP by 10th March to globalcapitalism@history.ox.ac.uk 

Colin Mayer, CBE, is the Peter Moores Professor of Management Studies at Saïd Business School, and the former Peter Moores Dean of the School between 2006 and 2011. He is an expert on all aspects of corporate finance and governance, the regulation of financial institutions and the role of the corporation in contemporary society. His most recent book, Firm Commitment: Why the Corporation is Failing Us and How to Restore Trust, describes a new approach to thinking about the firm which turns it into the means of protecting our environment, addressing social problems, and creating new sources of entrepreneurship and innovation.  

The Oxford Global History of Capitalism project is a new platform, situated within the Oxford Centre for Global History. GHoC aims to bring together the leading scholars of the field and support promising emerging scholars. It is committed to enhancing Oxford's prominent position in the study of the global history of capitalism, and to promoting research that improves our understanding of modern business.