CONFERENCE: Medieval Zomias: Stateless Spaces in the Global Middle Ages

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Friday 8th February

10.30am      Arrival and coffee

11.00am       Welcome and introduction:  Catherine Holmes (Oxford), Naomi Standen (Birmingham), Minoru Ozawa (Rikkyo, Japan)

11.15am        First Session       Chair: Simon Yarrow (Birmingham)

  1. Arezou Azad (Birmingham) Rethinking Khurasan: A Zomia in Islamic Central Asia?
  2. Lewis Borck (Leiden, Netherlands) Radical archives against the state: Historic zomias as temporary autonomous zones
  3. Minoru Ozawa (Rikkyo, Japan) Making Communities through Ships in Late Viking Age Scandinavia

1.00pm        Lunch

2.00pm       Second Session Chair:  Naomi Standen (Birmingham)

  1. Takashi Kawato (Chiba Keizai, Japan) Wako (Japanese pirates) as a Maritime Zomiatic People in Late Medieval and Early Modern East Asia
  2. Elizabeth Lambourn (De Montfort, Leicester) Zomia as an approach to the Indian ocean world [TBC]
  3. Nicholas Matheou (IHR) Zomia, Hegemony & Counterpower: Towards an Anarchist Heuristic

3.30pm       Tea Break

4.00pm       Third Session     Chair: Phacha Phanomvan (Oxford)

  1. Fiona McConnell (Oxford), Geography, Zomia and the knowledge production of area studies
  2. Nayanika Mathur (Oxford) Anthropologising the State and Government in Northern India

5.00pm       Summary: Ian Forrest (Oxford)

5.30pm       Launch Event: Past & Present Global Middle Ages supplement


Saturday 9th February

9.00am       Coffee

9.15am        Fourth Session   Chair: Minoru Ozawa (Rikkyo, Japan)

  1. Lance Pursey (Birmingham) Coming to terms with illegibility: historiographical debates on the Northeast Asian frontier in Middle Period Chinese history
  2. Hirokazu Tsurushima (Kumamoto, Japan) Two or Three ‘Englands’ in the Long Eleventh-Century (c. 973-c. 1135)
  3. Marek Jankowiak (Oxford) and Christian Sahner (Oxford) At the fringes of Byzantium and the early Islamic empire

10.45am      Coffee Break

11.00am       Fifth Session      Chair: Catherine Holmes (Oxford)

  1. Stephanie Wynne-Jones (York) Mobility, history and non-state actors
  2. Yoichi Isahaya (JSPS / Rikkyo, Japan) Sciences in Zomia: Nizārī Ismāʿīlī Movements (1090–1256) in the Iranian Plateau
  3. Hitomi Sato (Konan, Japan) Revolts and Boundary Areas in the Late Medieval Italian Peninsula

12.30pm      Lunch

1.00pm        Summary (& lunch cont’d): Amanda Power (Oxford)

This workshop has been generously supported by grants from the John Fell Oxford University Press (OUP) Research Fund and KAKENHI, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.