CONFERENCE: ‘Congolese Studies: Past, Present, Future’

The ‘Comparing the Copperbelt’ project is one of the main organising partners of the Congo Research Network’s fourth international conference, ‘Congolese Studies: Past, Present, Future’, to be held at St Antony’s College, University of Oxford on 26-27 April 2018.

The conference aims to bring together junior and senior scholars across the humanities and social sciences, sharing a common interest in the DRC. It specifically aims to provide space for interdisciplinary and comparative analyses and reflections, within and beyond Congolese Studies. Congo’s geographic centrality, the sustained demand for its resources on global markets, the dynamism of the country’s popular culture and its cross-border relations offer opportunities for collective thinking on the DRC’s place in broader dynamics of historical, social, political and economic change in Africa and beyond.

Keynote address and panel: Congolese studies in the 1960s and its legacy for today

The conference will provide an opportunity for reflecting on more than half a century of research on Congolese cultures, history and societies. We are delighted that Prof Bogumil Jewsiewicki will give a keynote address on the history of Congolese studies: a roundtable of prominent scholars of Congo from different generations will reflect on the contribution of the ‘independence generation’ of Congolese studies for the study of Central Africa today and in the future.

CRN 2018 organising committee:

Thomas Hendriks

Benoît Henriet

Miles Larmer

Ramon Sarró


To register and for more information, contact Claire Phillips, Project Administrator:

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