New publications by Professor Richard Reid on Africa and global history


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Richard Reid has recently published two articles relating to Africa and global history:  

R Reid, ‘Time and Distance: reflections on local & global history from East Africa’. Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, vol. 29 (2019)

R Reid, ‘Remembering and Forgetting Mirambo: histories of war in modern Africa’. Small Wars and Insurgencies, vol. 30, issue 4/5 (2019)

In early December of this year, Richard will also be releasing a revised third edition of A History of Modern Africa: 1800 to the Present as part of the Wiley Blackwell Concise History of the Modern World series (first and second eds. were in 2008 and 2012). Preorder here

Richard is Professor of African History at St Cross and a member of the Advisory Committee for the Oxford Centre for Global History. He is a historian of modern Africa, with a focus on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Prof Reid is particularly interested in the culture and practice of warfare in the modern period, and focuses on the transformations in violence in the late precolonial period (the nineteenth century), as well as on more recent armed insurgencies, especially those between the 1950s and the 1980s. He also works on historical culture and memory, especially around trauma and upheaval, and one strand of his research involves an exploration of how the ‘precolonial’ is perceived and understood in modern Africa (as well as in modern Europe). While some of his published work spans the continent as a whole, his primary research is on East and Northeast Africa, including Uganda and the Great Lakes region, Ethiopia, and Eritrea.