Past & Present supplementary issue: The Global Middle Ages

past 238 suppl 13cover

An AHRC-sponsored network devoted to exploring the ‘Global Middle Ages’, organised by historians at the Universities of Oxford, Birmingham and Newcastle between 2012 and 2015, has resulted in the publication of a supplementary issue of the journal Past & Present.

Co-edited by Catherine Holmes (Oxford; OCGH Advisory Committee) and Naomi Standen (Birmingham), the supplement explores the global history of the pre-modern world through a series of chapters incorporating a wide range of themes, periods and regions.

Other Oxford contributors to the supplement include OCGH Advisory Committee members Amanda Power and Alan Strathern, as well as Glen Dudbridge, Ian Forrest, Conrad Leyser, Jonathan Shepard, Mark Whittow, and John Watts. The supplement is dedicated to the memories of Glen Dudbridge and Mark Whittow.

The supplement is currently accessible online here and will be available in print soon. For more information about the Defining the Global Middle Ages project, please visit