OCGH visiting scholar: Professor Minoru Ozawa

minoru portrait

We are very pleased to welcome Professor Minoru Ozawa to the Oxford Centre for Global History as a visiting scholar for 2018-2019.

Professor Ozawa is professor of European medieval history at Rikkyo University, Tokyo. He studied medieval history and Scandinavian languages in Tokyo, Copenhagen, and Reykjavik, and worked as research fellow at Nagoya University before joining Rikkyo University in 2011. His main research area has concentrated on political, economic, social and cultural aspects of the Scandinavians in the 8-12th centuries. His academic interests are also expanding into other fields, especially the maritime history of the European continent, and intellectual history in early modern and modern historiography including that of Japan.

During his sabbatical leave at Oxford, he will focus mainly on three topics: 1) the strategy of erecting rune stones by the Scandinavians including kings; 2) the relations between the development of the Danish Jelling dynasty and the oversea Scandinavians; 3) the development of a new economic system created by the Scandinavians from a Eurasian perspective. In exploring these three topics the perspectives and methodologies of maritime and global history are adopted.