Empires and colonialism

Recent media discussions have highlighted ongoing work by theologians and other scholars at Oxford, headed by Nigel Biggar, Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology. The Oxford Centre for Global History, as part of the History Faculty of the University of Oxford, is not involved in Professor Biggar’s workshop or project. Oxford’s Centre for Global History hosts a variety of courses, events, workshops, and research projects of its own, which move beyond the problematic notion of a balance sheet of empires’ advantages and disadvantages. Rather, Oxford’s Centre for Global History dedicates itself to the study of the global movement of people, goods, and ideas, and to critical engagement with histories of empires and the complex legacies of colonialism, both in Britain and elsewhere in the world. We shun imperial nostalgia; instead, we support a range of scholars and students who make use of diverse approaches to critically assess the historical nature and ongoing impact of empires and decolonisation.