Transnational and Global History Seminar

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The Oxford Graduate Transnational & Global History Seminar

Hilary 2017
A Unique Seminar for Graduate Historians at Oxford 

TGHS is the only graduate-led seminar at the University of Oxford focused on themes of global history. The Seminar is active throughout the academic year, hosting an exciting and varied list of speakers, including both established and early career researchers. The Seminar is known for its informal setting, which encourages participation in a stimulating and wide-ranging discussion.

When: Tuesday of Weeks 2, 4, 6 & 8 at 5pm
Where: Corpus Christi Seminar Room
Wine and other refreshments are provided. 

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Greg Hynes (Pembroke) | Rouven Kunstmann (St Antony’s) | Riccardo Liberatore (St Cross) | Erin O’Halloran (St Antony’s) | Simon Stubbings (St Catherine’s)