Past events


Conference: ‘Integration or Disintegration? Europe at the Crossroads in 2016:The view from Germany, Greece, Poland and the United Kingdom’, 28 April 2016

Special Lecture: Dr Romain Bertrand, 9 May 2016

Books at Lunchtime Series: ‘The Prospect of Global History’, 11 May 2016

Special Lecture: Professor Melanie Nolan, 18 May 2016

Workshop: ‘Egypt over the longue dureé’, 13-14 May 2016
Opening Keynote Lecture – Professor Timothy Mitchell, Columbia,’The new histories of capitalism: who gets the credit?’

Workshop: ‘Globalisation in the long nineteenth century – perspectives from Africa’, 27 May 2016

Special Lecture: Professor José Moya, 9 June 2016 

13 October Lecture: Arjun Appadurai, ‘Failure, Design and the Globalization of Risk’

14 October Seminar: Arjun Appadurai on Failure

13-15 October Global Nodes, Global Orders International Network Workshop: ‘Flows and Orders: A Tension in Global History’, (Konstanz)

17 October Roundtable discussion: Black History Month and multiculturalism

28-29 October Conference: ‘Africa, Eastern Europe and the Dream of International Socialism: New Perspectives on the Global Cold War’

17 November Lecture: Luc Boltanski and Arnaud Esquerre ‘The Enrichment Economy: narratives, collectibles and heritage as economic resources’

18 November Seminar: Luc Boltanski and Arnaud Esquerre ‘The Enrichment Economy: narratives, collectibles and heritage as economic resources’

30 November Lecture: ‘Traditional Assessment of Danger’ with Jared Diamond

1 December Workshop ‘Political Crises in Recent History’ with Jared Diamond

2 December ‘In conversation: Religion’ with Jared Diamond and Richard Dawkins


The Global History of Europe, 12 February 2015

Africa in the Great War: Comparative Perspectives, 27 February 2015

Gold Rush Imperialism: Gold Mining and Global History in the Age of Imperialism, c. 1848-1914, 16-17 April 2015

British Culture Goes Global: The Cultural Dimensions of Imperial Globalization, 6 May 2015

Disease and Global History, 22 May 2015

Globalization and Uncertainty, 22-23 June 2015


London Global History Seminar 2014

The Great War and Global History, 9-10 January 2014

Latin America in Global History: Paradigms and Perspectives, 12 February 2014

Ocean Worlds, Ocean Histories, 30 May 2014

The Official Mind at Fifty: Historians, Policymakers and the Collective Mind of Government, 26 May 2014

The George Macaulay Trevelyan Lectures (Cambridge), October 2014

Industrialization in the Global Periphery, 1870-2008, 2-4 October 2014

The Global History of the Book (1780 to the present), 4-5 December 2014


London Global History Seminar 2013

The Deep History of Migration, 21 February 2013

Empires of Knowledge, 9 May 2013

Global Knowledge, 10 May 2013

Learning from Big Brothers: What Soviet and Central European Histories of Everyday Life May Teach Historians of the Mao Era, 27-28 September 2013


New Angles on Empire, 11 May 2012

Thinking Global, 25 May 2012

New Directions in Global History, 27-29 September 2012

Deserts, Steppes and Inner Spaces in Global History, 7 November 2012