Dr Damiano Matasci


I am currently a Research and Teaching Fellow at the department of history of the university of Geneva. My research interests are the history of Europe and colonial Africa in a transnational and trans-imperial perspective, with a focus on education and science. My first book – L’école républicaine et l’étranger (ENS Éditions 2015) – explores the wide range of transnational circulations and exchanges that shaped French school reforms in the second half of the 19th century. My ongoing project focuses on colonial education and aims at providing a connected history of imperial and international policies in French Africa (1945-1961). A new monograph, tentatively entitled Missions modernisatrices. La France et l’Unesco en Afrique coloniale, 1945-1961 is currently in preparation.

During my stay at Oxford University, I will be working on a new research project focusing on the history of trans-imperial scientific cooperation in colonial Africa (1920s-1960s). By examining the trajectory of British biologist Edgar Barton Worthington, I will highlight how institutions such as the Scientific Council for Africa and the Commission for Technical Cooperation in Africa South of Sahara shaped new research discourses and practices in an age of imperial crisis.

More information about my research and publications are available on my personal website: www.dmatasci.org